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Odd Times

dkaplowitz 12/29/2006 9:33 AM
Don, I was a student of yours at GIT from '87-'88. I remember you were big on odd times back then and many of your explanations helped me get my mind around them way back then (though I couldn't ever get used to how you would count all the way up to whatever the time signature was instead of counting the smaller groupings -- I guess that's just a personal preference thing). Anyway, since times have changed and people's taste in music have changed and fusion has changed, I'm wondering if you still mess around with those crazy time sigs any more. I personally think it's great stuff and I wish more people would play that kinda' music (out of the Mahavishnu/Zappa school). I've gotten into some of Gavin Harrison's instructional stuff (metric modulation up the wazoo) and am trying to learn more about Indian tala and other types of approaches to rhythm. I guess I'm just an old progg-head at heart. Would love to hear what you've been up to with that kinda' stuff. Cheers! Dave P.S. Count me in as another person who is ready to buy some of your recorded music (Mock One, Speed of Light). I've been wanting to hear some of that for ages, but can't find copies anywhere!

Don Mock 12/29/2006 7:44 PM
Great to hear from you Dave. You're right that the odd time phase has faded a bit but students still have lots of interest in the subject. I've been teaching a rhythm guitar class at our school here in Seattle (Roberts Music Institute) and we spend a fair amount of time discussing odd times and how they relate to today's music. My good friend drummer Dave Coleman, who I literally grew up with playing music, and I are playing a lot together again and are joined by a fine fretless bass player Steve Kim. Dave and I learned odd time playing together back in the '70's when it was wildly popular. The group is not the typical jazz guitar trio but rather more of a fusion flavored space music band. We have a great time and do jump into lots of odd time signatures. Look for our new play-along CD series called "Modal Mojo" which are 30 tracks on 3 CD's of all kinds of modal one-chord grooves. Some of the tracks are in 6/4 and 7/4. I also did a companion CD/book which is a detailed look at modal playing both improvising and rhythm. It should be out in a few months. We're still planning on offering the two albums you mentioned here on the site. Stand by.Thanks again Dave. -Don Mock

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