Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guitar Competition

lightning 3/7/2005 12:05 AM
Don, I’m entering my first guitar competition- just wondering what you think of these things, also just how does someone judge a guitar player? What would you look for if you were a judge? I think the whole idea of some non-guitar players(some judges are just local radio or entertainment names) judging guitarists. Either way I’ve really pushed myself to be a better player because of it. Thanks- I also want to say this site is great- its helped me get some new ideas!!

Don Mock 3/8/2005 3:38 PM
Thanks for joining us here Lightning. I'm not a big fan of music competitions. Music is not a sport where you are trying to beat an opponent. But I will admit that there are some benefits. Guitar competitions, like they have at Guitar Centers, do prepare a player for the stress and sometimes humiliating experience of playing at auditions, either for a band, or some type recording gig. It's also great, when you are not in a band playing, to have a goal and deadline to force you to get things together. My main concern is for those who either have an off day or can not play well at competitions. Some people might get very discouraged and then the guitar ends up in the closet. If I was a judge, I would look for a player who sound intelligent. Fancy chops won't win me over, but great phrasing and melodic playing that addresses the chord changes will.Let us know how you did at the competition. Thanks, -Don Mock

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