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Don Mock 5/21/2003 2:03 AM
OK, guys, anybody got a new chord for me? Alright then, here's a cool but challenging one. Some of the best chords I know came from basic voicings on the fingerboard. By moving various notes and fingers around all kinds of things can be discovered. A nice variation on the basic "boogie" bass move is to play, for example, an A7 bar chord at the 5th fret. From the lowest string going up: 5-7-5-6-5-5. Now slide the two notes on the A string and the G string up while keeping the bar intact. Move the E up to F# and the C# to D. It should now look like this: 5-9-5-7-5-5. Quite a stretch but a great A13sus sound. Now play a boogie-woogie pattern with the two chords. Finally, figure out this move with the D7 bar chord at the 5th fret. Any questions or comments? -Don Mock

Rolf 5/23/2003 6:27 PM
Hello Don, no new chord maybe a new combination.Here it is, based on what one could call an extended "Memphis Tennessee" lick or "The Pusher" or maybe just Blues comp. It isan inversion of the above basic version, in G that is D3 D4 B3, D5 G5 B5, D5 G7 B6, the second inversion is D12 G12 B12, D14 G12 B13, D15 G12 B15, a lot of people know that one too(at leastwith open strings) but only very few play that one, check it out(or maybe it is an "Old friends move" in your Blues bag?) D9 G10 B8, D10 G9 B8, D12 G10 B8, I think of it as a first inversion of the basic lick.Hopefully of some interest to somebody Best wishes RolfP.S. How about "Exploring Symmetrical Scales"?

Don Mock 5/25/2003 3:42 PM
Hey, Rolf, great moves.. I need more of those open string country chord licks....The symmetric scale book is done I'm still working on the CD. (I wrote too many lines that I can hardly play) Interested in octaves? My new little book came out pretty good. Finally got a chance to talk about the Wes thing that I worked so hard on when I was younger. -Don Mock

clovis 2127/18/2003 7:15 PM
Hey DonI just saw on this site that you have a new book out about Turnaround licks/lines. I was wondering if you could go a little more in depth about that book. What kind of turnarounds are mainly talked about? I VI ii V stuff, etc etc. Do you do any lines based off your favorite jazz players like Wes, etc? I'm eager to learn more about it.John

jimbol51 8/16/2003 7:02 PM
Hi Don,When is your Target Tones book going to be released? I'm having a real gas going through the octaves and turnaround books! Jim P.S. What part of Washington State are you in? I remember when you were at GIT years ago! Great stuff!!!!!!!!

Jp 11/6/2003 10:50 AM
Just wondering when the symmetric scale book is gonna be released?

Randall 11/30/2003 12:08 PM
Hi Don, great website! I live in the Seattle/Everett area, do you give lessons in the area? I've taken lessons from Jay Roberts, he said this website is your method of contact.Randy

guitarnerd 2/12/2004 2:31 PM
Okay, I like playing around with the chord lick from "All Blues"XX3333 hammer on to xx3433xx5555xx7765 and back down in reverse.Top that Don! ( if you couldn't) 8-)

Don Mock 2/16/2004 2:59 AM
Wow guys, I'm sorry I didn't follow the threads on the forum. Several of you asked some good questions. Yes, I live in the Seattle area and do teach privately. May start teaching at a new school in Bellevue with Jay Roberts (son of Howard). he's starting a school for private lessons and several classes which I'll be teaching some of. Contact me at I just finished the Symmetric Scales Revealed book. What a bitch recording the CD with all the challenging whole tone and diminished lines I wrote but forgot about. It's finally done and should be out in a few months or less. We (guitaraxis) will have the first copies. Someone asked about the Turnarounds book. Just might be the best little book/cd I've done. Mainly on major turnarounds with eight-notes. It really came out well and I think people will learn a lot from it. Hell, it's the exact system I figured out to play quickly over turnarounds that were blazing by. Now I got it down and can nail any turnaround because of the approach. OK guys, keep writing! -Don Mock

Don Mock 2/16/2004 3:17 AM
And Guitarnerd, like your All Blues comp. I like to add the bass notes like this:3x343x (hammer the 4 like you did) 5x555x 6x756x (you can also hammer the 7and 6 on the 2nd and 4th strings. I use my thumb on the bass notes too)OR Miles might have used this type:xx3453 xx5565 xx5757 Or:xx5767 xx7988 xx9 10 8 10You can actually play a lot of the melody with the last two versions. - Don Mock

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