Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best Book to Start With?

Vettestrat 5/18/2006 12:17 PM
Hey, I just purchased all the guitar axis masterclass and secret scales revealed books. Is there a better one to start with?

Don Mock 5/23/2006 2:18 AM
Wow, V-strat, way to go on getting all the books. Tough call on the best one to start with. The Target Tones book might be a good place to get some of those basic melodies around arpeggios under your fingers. And if you are into jumping into the Turnaround book, the basic master melody can be used right out of the box for lots of things. I think the Harmonic Minor scale is the best (beside the major scale) to start with of the scale books. It's classic use over a dominant 7th (a fifth above) is a sound players of nearly every style can really use. The only thing I would like to add is for you to just sit back and listen to the CD's and make note of the sounds and ideas that interest you. Start anywhere, any page you want. Just make a point of doing the best you can at understanding the music theory involved. Thanks again V-strat and hope you don't get too sick of listening to me talk on all those CD's. -Don Mock

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