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Mr. Mock - videos or dvd's - your music?

DrFretBoard 4/27/2004 4:17 PM
Hi Mr. Don Mock, I'm from the Netherlands, been playing guitar for about 11 years now, since I was 16. I studied jazzguitar at the conservatory, but strangely enough never encountered any of your material. Just recently I found out about your instructional material and heard a *little bit* your playing, which was terrific and made me try to find more of your music (which seems almost impossible). Are there any albums of yours that are currently obtainable at all? Will you perhaps put out a concert dvd anytime soon? Do you know whether & when your VHS instructional material will be available on DVD, and if other VHS REH material such as the tapes by Joe Diorio, Al DiMeola and Joe Pass will become available on DVD shortly? I'd love to find out where I can get my hands (..ears..) on some of your music; it seems terribly hard to come by. Greetings, Alexander

Don Mock 5/4/2004 6:23 PM
Alexander, thanks for the message. Warner is in the process of converting a lot of our REH videos to DVD's. but it will take a while. As far as me, my albums are not widely distributed but we will have them here on the site in a few months. I'm involved with two playing projects right now that will record CD's later in the year. A duo with Howard Roberts son Jay Roberts and a trio with my long time drummer friend Dave Coleman and bassist Steve Kim. The trio plays very modern improvised music. We're going for sort of a guitar version of Weather Report. Very cool but challenging for me. The duo with Jay is great fun playing standards and a few original tunes. Both groups will be playing a lot in the Seattle area this summer. -Don Mock

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