Thursday, August 27, 2009

Comping and Chord Melody

bskinder 3/11/2005 2:24 PM
Hey Don! I just worked through your jazz comping video and was very pleased with it. I was wondering if maybe you could recommend something that would pick up after that and cover more advanced comping and chord melody type stuff. Do any of the Joe Pass videos cover comping/chord melody? I have the book Joe Pass Jazz Lines which, I think, is an abbreviated version of the dvd. I also plan on picking up Ron Eschete's chord phrases book, I love his playing and would love to be able to play that tastefully. Thanks in advance Don, for any advice. Brad

Don Mock 3/12/2005 12:51 AM
Great to hear from you Brad. You are on the right track with Ron's Chord Phrases book. Really good chord moves. There are lot's of great books out there, but many only have small sections devoted to chord melody. If you can find them, get Joe Pass' chord solos book or Howard Roberts Chord Melody Manual. Of course, if you really want to dig into the subject check our George Van Eps books on chord soloing or Jimmy Wyble's books. Ted Green's books are also loaded with amazing chord voicings and movements. Joe Diorio's Giant Steps book has several chord melodies for the tune that are very cool. On the other hand, now might be the time for you to do some serious listening and transcribing recordings of these and many other great chordal guitar players. And don't forget about piano players too.Hope this helps. -Don Mock

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